Dirty MILF handles hard wood in the shed

What’s that old saying again: “The shed is where you find the hardest wood” – As it turned out the wood that got rammed down my throat was actually harder than the one I was supposed to gather for the fireplace. Photos were taken during this shoot (check out the trailer). For more silly puns and made-up proverbs stop by my site at new.cumtrainer.com

A tasty anal creampie

A tasty anal creampie is spicing up this Ass-to-Mouth shoot. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Ejaculate is still the best lubricant for buttfucking. So blow your load in my ass and keep going for round two ;)

Pussy creampie & wobbly tits porn gifs


Another hot porn gif collection from Brass Munkie. Thanks, Sweetie, for all the hard work you’re putting into animating my videos! :) This time it’s shots from the Spreader video. Wobbling boobs, a good pussy pounding and jizzed on pussy-lips. Screw sex-toys, I don’t need no gadgets to get off ;) Give me a real dick any time.

Smeared make-up, a thong & high heels

New gallery update at Cumtrainer.com
Here’s a bonus selection of even grimier and grittier remasters of the original Slut Faced photos. More skin-blemish goodness, yay! Pretty far from your average airbrushed studio porn I’d say. I love the smeared make-up blowjob shots and now you can finally have posters printed of them and stick them on your bedroom wall. Your better half will surely appreciate your new-found interest in interior design.

Cum hungry MILF slut

I think I’ve never looked as whorish and worn out in any of my movies before. But, quite frankly, I actually like my grimy “Slut Face” :) Plus I think there’s not one bad shot in the entire scene. I really enjoyed editing and watching this video, the fucking, the bouncing tits and most importantly that massive cumshot. It was like getting a full load into my mouth and another bonus load all over my face at the same time. What more can a cum hungry slut like myself ask for? Ok, maybe a second helping of gooey splooge down my throat.