Masturbating with my little rubber buddy

In a way this video may be considered an intro to the “Red Room” movie. I was just warming up to get in the mood. – I’m so used to pleasuring others that it kinda feels weird to be going solo on cam. (video)

The first five Blowjob Rules

Blowjob rule number one: Keep eye contact.
Blowjob rule number two: No teeth.
Blowjob rule number three: Use your mouth not your hands.
Blowjob rule number four: If you’re not gagging, go deeper.
Blowjob rule number five: Swallow!

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Flicking the bean

All you can eat pussy buffet. “Self Serve” (video) at

Cum on Cleavage

Power-Cleavage! – If I look a little hung over, that’s because I was. Nevertheless I managed to shoot two movies in one afternoon and considering the state I was in I think that’s pretty impressive. But then again there’s no better cure for a hangover than a hot and salty protein shake milked from a big throbbing cock. Admittedly, not throwing up during a deep-throat is a little more challenging, but as they say, no pain – no gain. BTW if you dig tits in tops (cleavage) this one’s a must see. Video: “Spoonman”

Little Red Ride (Blowjob)

Full-size remaster of the classic outdoors bikini & blowjob gallery. Like the previous Retro Redhead photo sets this gallery is not related to any video but a standalone collection of holiday snapshots. Once again I’ve kept the pics at their original resolution (keep in mind that they’re over a decade old and only about two megapixel in size), removed a bit of grain and added some color and contrast to make the images pop. This might actually be my favorite of the bunch so far.

Little Red Ride (photos) at


Little Red Ride (Bikini shots)

Who needs a ride? Promise I’ll go slow 😉 – Check out the full retro-redhead photo gallery “Little Red Ride” at

Butt & thong photos

A few butt & thong photos from the Pussy Floss gallery. Love those sexy high heels.
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