MAILBAG! – Dirty Ass to Mouth and a Cup of Jizz

MAILBAG! Tumblr DMs are piling up. I’ll never be able to answer them all, but here’s a few for starters…

expando1 said: What made you decide to get into porn initially? What were your expectations regarding the industry at that time and your role in it?

Britney Swallows: I got talked into uploading “just a few nudie pics”. And here I am taking balls to the face 15 years later. I had no expectations and no one is more surprised than me that cumtrainer/chicktrainer is still around and relevant.

gabydee2014 said: How old were you the first time you did anal, and do you enjoy doing ass to mouth?

Britney Swallows: Too young and it almost turned me completely off ass fucking for life. Fortunately my long-term partner, whom I met later in life,  rectified that issue. – See what I did there? – Anyway, my rectum is now accessible 24/7 and ATM (ass to mouth) has become my number two (pardon the pun) kink after cumeating. A good relationship can heal a lot of old wounds and disappointments and turn things around for the better. I’ve really got to stop with those ATM double entendres, I’m starting to annoy myself.

kuzey45 said: Do you love always swallow to cum?

Britney Swallows: Overlooking the grammar issues I have with your question the answer is yes, I always try to swallow unless I’m told not to. I’m submissive, I aim to please. That’s what gets me off. Lets put it this way: not many of my blowjobs end in facials.

whores-bible said: Hi Britney. I was wondering if you were still doing “dirty” ass to mouth videos. I was a fan of yours from your original website and the “dirty” part is what brought me to you. I have not seen any other girls out there advertise this on their websites. I am hoping this is still one of your kinks.

Britney Swallows: As always this discussion will not be to everyone’s taste. My personal definition of DATM is not that I try to confront myself with fecal matter (actually if you read a bit of literature about anal sex you’ll learn that the colon is not as unclean as one might think) it’s more that I could never reconcile spontaneous anal sex and enemas. I never really plan on having anal beforehand, it just happens in the heat of the moment. And since I’m an oral sex junkie I have to have a cock in my mouth at some point. Plust there’s the urge to swallow. So without being to graphic here, I’d say that 80% of the time I’m fine with what ends up on my tongue. But yeah, accidents – small accidents I should say – DO happen, especially if the lights are turned off. In which case I’ve been know to make a quick pit stop in the bathroom to powder my nose.

benzboy99987 said: If I don’t cum for 3 weeks I produce over a cup of jizz. I’d love to see u down it.

Britney Swallows: This may come as a shock to some of you and I think I’ve never mentioned it publicly, but I’ve actually been giving some thought to how I could receive cum-loads through the postal system. I know this is weird, but think about it: People love cam girls and I don’t really interact that way in a virtual environment. I’m much more physical. I want a part of you. So the idea of members actually sending in semen which I could then swallow on cam, in one of my videos, with a personal dedication, kinda interests me. However, and that’s a BIG however, I have a feeling that this might be illegal. I have no idea about how the postal system deals with organic matter. The samples could be infectious, they could leak and worst of all they would probably spoil on the way. Unless they’re mailed in some kind of refrigerated box. Two words: International Shipping. And that’s where a fun idea turns into a really bad one. Too many logistical problems, too big of a health risk. BUT: If you have an idea on how this could be pulled off, by all means, walk me through a workflow that’s feasible. I’m totally open to suggestions.

Anonymous said: Hi, how can one get enough spunk from one man for a Gokkun thing to work? Enough spunk to fill a shot glass up or something? This would be for a private couple to do, for porn I know it’s multiple guys usually so there’s more to go around. (Please keep this question private so it’s not seen I like being incognito here)

Britney Swallows: From experience I’d say a 5 cl shot glass needs about 5-6 cum shots. Depends on the guy. Loads tend to get smaller if he squirts into the glass on a daily basis. Diminishing returns if you will. Simply putting the fresh loads in the fridge won’t be enough. Semen gets very watery once it’s out in the open. The creamy white look fades and you’re left with a transparent yellowish/greenish liquid. Basicall there’s only the freezing option which will help you not get food-poisoning. So I always opt for that. It’s just as destructive on the consistency as refrigeration. Thawing is also critical and needs to be done slowly at low temperature. Too hot and the cum turns into egg-white. Too slow and the loads will spoil over time. No easy way around this, no magic secret I’m able to share unfortunately.


Heavy breasts keep me down-to-earth as a person

“I’m glad you actually respond to fans. That’s badass and shows that you’re down to earth”

Doesn’t get any more down to earth than being a mom with two jobs. These days being in porn isn’t exactly a goldmine. Sure we manage to break even with the website, but I’m driving a 5 year old, slightly rusty Hyundai and I live in a regular apartment, not a mansion 😉 – As for the MILF bit, I’ve been one technically for over 4 years now and I’ve embraced the term wholeheartedly. You look at my body (accidentally or on purpose) and you do not get “perfection”. The 19/20 year olds are selling that. At least theoretically.


Pussy-wanking for vaginal connoisseurs

I always get requests for more solo masturbation shoots, but since I run a Bigtit/MILF/Cum site those kinds of videos are almost a rarity. These pics here are from the most recent Titbuster clip. My reasoning was that working a pussy-wanking scene right into a movie that is pretty much about all kinds of other stuff wouldn’t alienate people who don’t care for uninterrupted snatch-shots. On the other hand those of you vaginal pervs who enjoy watching me flick the bean and spread my juicy pussy-lips right across the camera’s lens, well, this should be right up your alley then.


New video & gallery! “The Massaging Titbuster”

New video & gallery! “The Massaging Titbuster”

A whole friggin’ smorgasbord of things going on in the Titbuster video: Ass and breasts massage, tittyfucking, rough mouthfucking, tit slapping and boob squeezing, pussy close-up masturbation, blowjob and cum swallowing, nipple pulling and a long-ish handjob sequence to mix things up a bit. None of this was planned except for the titty-massage through the white (transparent) tank top. But since we tried out that POV head-mounted-cam for the first time things got a little bit out of hand. Pardon the pun.

Guys keep asking me for more solo-masturbation so I kept a good chunk of that in the edit. Blame those pervs, not me! 😉  Same goes for the handjob, I’m not a big fan, but someone’s going to love that bit. My favorite scenes are the rough facefuck (where he just grabs my head and uses me as a human fleshlight), that really turned me on. And I think the dangling boobs bit at the end (where I’m on top for a change) that came out pretty great too.

Love the slapping and thinking about doing a rougher tit-boxing, boob-slapping version of that in a future Video Quickie. Now that both hands are available with our nifty head mounted camera. I’d love to capture a bit of the old speedbag boxing magic with my breast flopping all over the place. Who’s interested? Or am I just boring everyone with my humiliation games…?