I swallow another 10 cum loads… this time in HD!


It’s been a while since I’ve done my last big multi-load cum drinking movie but the wait is now officially over. “Spunktini” – that’s the name of my latest video – is also my first ever high-quantity jizz drinking scene in HD which makes it even more interesting. It was a hard clip to get right in editing as I didn’t want to just put one cumshot after another so I tried to mix things up a little. Hope those alternating jumps in time aren’t too confusing, but I liked it much better this way. Here’s a little preview gallery of what awaits you once you download the full HD video from my website. And yes, the clip plays back at the same size as the images, a whopping 1280×720 pixels. – And by the way I, found a nice piece of freeware that’ll enable you to burn those HD videos from my members area to a standard DVD and watch them on your TV. You can find detailed instructions on my Message Board (members only, sorry).

07.jpg 01.jpg
04.jpg 14.jpg


7 thoughts on “I swallow another 10 cum loads… this time in HD!

  1. Whoa! It’s incredible how you manage to do that sometimes. PLease keep it up! (no pun intended :P)

  2. OMG! that`s so Morbo!! every single Spermatozoon die in your stomach…..poor of them xD…..dont feel a litle of guilt?? xDDDDDD keep like that you are great!

  3. Dear Britney, you’re as cute and hot as always. But especially pic #05 has caught my attention: There is a jerk-off magazine, obviously from Eastern Europe, featuring an interview with you. Where was it published? And is there a translation available anywhere?

  4. you are with out a doubt the hottest girl online, your passion for what you do is unmatched. my girl friend gets just as turned on as i do watching you.. is their a record for the amount of cum swallowed?

  5. I have swallowed 19 loads in one evening,I can not swallow fast enough to swallow all of a horses cum no matter what or how I try I always end up with somr running down over my tits but I can get most back with a straw. I play with myself while sucking cocks the evening I did 19 I got myself off three times. I dream of having a endless line of cock just to see how many I could do.

  6. My boyfriend froze about one of his cumshots per day for three months, until we had one cup up frozen ejaculate from about 100 loads. Last evening we thawed it and I swallowed it all down. It was so hot! It felt great to have my mouth *full* of cum, and to gargle it like mouthwash.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t sit well in my stomach. I did manage to keep it all down, but I’ve been shitting water for 20 hours now. I hope I feel better soon.

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