Oily boob-find of the week

I really like those oiled up boobs shots. There’s just something about oily tits that always captures my interest. Plus the camera angles in this gallery are great! No idea who the girl is though. If YOU do, please post her name in the comments so your fellow blog readers can google her 😉


4 thoughts on “Oily boob-find of the week

  1. Not sure of her name but britney is right, they are really big and round forsomeone who looks so young and needless to say a pussy that is totally shaved bald looks too smooth to be true. Britney those would be some of the youngest tits to qualify as sidewinders

  2. What I think britney has found is a genuine teen girl who has A) actually got a boob job ( so many of the teeny stars are so flat chested and those who continue in porn don’t actually get fake tits until at least their early 20’s) and B) rather than very average ‘bolt on’ tits that are typical of the younger porn stars she has actually had really big full rounded tits with the potential for a really deep cock hugging cleavage. Pic 3 is perfect of this. And as I also don’t know her name but from the small part of her face you can see she looks a genuinely late teens in age.

    Her shaven pussy is fantastic but you come to expect 80percent of the teen models to be bald but to have a non natural teen who by then has already decided to have very large implants is very sexy. Anyone know any others in the genre – fake DDplus

    equally on some of the hot milfs out there who are in hardcore porn, there are several ‘gems’ who naturally gravitate to this fantastic size of fake tits. What is rare is that they combine it with a consistently well shaven pussy. Holly Halston, Claudia Marie (you must check out her exta large brand new impants) both religiously and immaculately bald and then you have Sophie Dee (not really a milf yet) and Daphne Rosen both with superb large implants but onlx shave intermittantly and Deauxma always used to leave just that tiny bit until now – see pic http://bit.ly/b8aTmg – A shaven pussy on a milf is simply 10 times hotter than on a teen

  3. Nat, I fixed the bit.ly short URL for you. This way anyone who comments can recommend a gallery or a single pic. Just make sure everyone, that you leave a space before and after the URL. Anything adjacent to the link will otherwise become part of the link and the re-direct won’t work.

  4. Just to prove a point – here is daphne rosen – comparing big tits on a MILF with and without hair on her pussy

    http://bit.ly/cwBXgP with hair on her pussy

    http://bit.ly/9OWAQo shaven with huge tits with it in her ass

    http://bit.ly/cFYrgT just to show getting big full implants looks so much better – however credit where it is due that is lex in her ass – even britney might think twice about that – or probably think that is the perfect challenge?

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