Is eating a creampie “pussy-felching”?


As announced earlier this week here’s Part Two of the “Creampie Hole” felching saga. Ok, technically felching refers to eating cum out of one’s asshole but then then again the holes are so close together it’s hard to tell the difference… I’m kidding of course. But that just gave me an idea for a new scene. Hmm. – But anyway, now enjoy watching me get scooped out with a plastic spoon like a Hot Fudge Sundae. The fudge of course being spunk and the sundae my cum-filled pussy. Oh, and don’t skip the little oily-tits-massage bonus scene there at the end. Bon appetit!

Retro porn nostalgia: “Shagpad” (2006)

Pics from the retro video update “Shagpad” (2006)

A handjob intro? Now that’s a rarity! There’s also a pussy licking shot in this movie at around 1:10, it’s short so if you blink you’ll miss it. Then there’s that pretty amazing psychedelic (slow-mo) shagging scene about 2 minutes into the video. I had totally forgotten how effective those shots were, it’s been a while since we did them. Just look at those mounds of boobflesh, wobbling and bouncing around. A bit blurry maybe due to the almost 10 year old slomo technology (sorry) but still awesome.

Just read your post about cum making boobs grow


Hey Britney, I’m a huge fan of your cum drinking videos :) I just saw your recent post about cum making boobs grow, and I agree! There’s obviously not much science to back it up, but cum contains proteins and omega 3 acids that are vital to growing boobs! Not to mention, swallowing cum makes most women quite horny, and that increases your hormone levels! Keep drinking that sweet breast-enhancing seed!

Would be nice if science could back up my anecdotal “evidence”. And rest assured, I’m erring on the safe side here, I’ll just keep swallowing as much jizz as I can catch ;)

Squirting hot pussy shots right into your eye-balls


Creampie Hole (1) – This week I’ll be squirting some awesome pussy and underboob shots right into your eye-balls. Here’s Part One of “Creampie Hole”. The full video has a spectacular creampie sequence in Part Two in which I get scooped out with a spoon like a Hot Fudge Sundae. The fudge of course being spunk and the sundae my cum-filled pussy hole. Dessert anyone?

Cum Pudding

This is kind of a remake/update of the classic Cum Pudding video only this time its indoors and in HD. – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the taste of spunk; after all I made it my mission to swallow pints of the stuff, right? But the thing is that I really enjoy semen-flavored chocolate desserts and I don’t get my hands on those a lot off-camera. It’s a delicious combo so it didn’t take much convincing to get me to do it again.