MAILBAG! Pussy eating tricks & ATM record breaking


MAILBAG #4! More Q&A with you guys. Among the topics today: Pussy eating tricks and ATM record breaking.

benzboy99987 asked: Is Cumtrainer Britney available for escort services?

Britney Swallows: With fans all over the world I’d have to jet-set across the globe, so no that’s not really an option. On the other hand if you do have the budget then a custom video is probably the next hottest thing you could treat yourself to. See the custom video request link above.

someguy7-1973 said: Been watching some of your videos today… Damn how I’d like your mouth wrapped around my cock!

Britney Swallows: That’s not a question. A valid question would be: “Do you want to suck my dick?” – And my answer would be yes. However, too many cocks, too little time. I would love to swallow my way across the continents but unless a Vampire takes a liking to my jugular and dooms me to an eternity of cock sucking I’d say your chances are pretty slim. Also the fangs might get in the way.

gmny76 asked: If I were eating your pretty pussy, how many fingers would you want me to use inside?

Britney Swallows: Hold you hand up in fron of your face. Now put all your fingertips and the tip of your thumb together into a cone shape. When you lick me I’d want you to insert your fingers just like that up to the second joint. I enoy the sensation of having my pussy stretched as if I had a very girthy cock inside of me. I don’t care for fisting, so imagine stopping short half-way with about a third of your fingers in me. That’s how I like my pussy eaten. BTW that finger thing is just relevant for oral. I don’t care for super-thick cocks in general. They’re usually more of a pain in the butt (literally) and I’d rather suck an average sized dick for 30 minutes than some horse schlong for three because my jaw just cramps up. Been there, done that. Not my cup of tea.

ck32 said: Hi Britney – I love your ass to mouth videos. Do you have any plans to do a record-breaking ATM scene? Or a huge gokkun?

Britney Swallows: Second question first. Yes there will be another Gokkun cumdrinking at some point. Rest assured. As for the ATM record. Well, that’s become somewhat of a staple in the Cumtrainer portfolio. You’ll probably remember when I did the first 20 ATM repetitions a few years back. Then at the relaunch of the new site ( in 2014 I insisted on doing the 30 x Ass-to-Mouth rotation while spinning on my office chair. A year has come and gone now and I think I’ve come up with a new mechanic for going from ass to mouth more efficiently. (The chair was too much of a balancing act) –  The plan is as follows: I will be placed on a well lubricated coffee table covered in oil. We’ll start out with me on my knees/shins taking the cock up the ass from behind while spinning in the pool of oil. I’d then like to flip onto my back for more slippery ATM penetration, but this time my pussy and tits will face the camera. I’ve seen the oil thing done once in a video so in theory this should work. I’m just hoping it’s not too painful, which is my main concern. We’re talking bones on hard wood after all (no pun intended). Haven’t decided yet wether I’ll be doing 40 rotations (meaning ten more than last time) or if I’ll go straight to the mythical fifty. Problem with ATM videos is that you don’t want to edit them. It kills the whole point of uninterrupted ass-to-mouth action a bit. The trolls usually crawl out of their caves and fling accusations like “you cleaned that thing off when you cut to the follow-up shot!”. So in anticipation of those morons a dual cam setup is probably going to work best. Different angles without the edits. Best of both worlds. Would much prefer to do it DATM (dirty ass to mouth) in order to avoid a quick enema beforehand, but I’m worried that with 40 or 50 insertions, or should I say “extractions” there’s a high chance of accidents happening. No risk, no gain, I suppose.


The trouble with glory holes

The trouble with glory holes is that you never know who’s on the other side sucking your cock. Could be me like in this case, but it could also be some fat bearded guy milking your unsuspecting balls for fresh jizz. So to be on the safe side, next time you buy a fridge or get a huge cardboard box from IKEA, cut a few holes at cock-height, drop your wife or girlfriend into it, close the lid and make her suck you off while you watch some other girls doing nasty shit on your phone. How’s that for a nice relaxed Saturday evening? The proverbial Elephant in the Room here is of course that if your wife or gf is in fact an actual elephant in your room and you can’t stand looking at her because she’s too fat/old/ugly, well, now you don’t have to anymore. Two birds, one stone.


MAILBAG! Topless Correspondent

Two new gallery updates today. This is from “Aqua Milf Topless”, the full set is available here:

And here’s more questions from my overflowing Mailbag. Let’s begin with iget2see asking me: Do you actually answer your own DMs? Is this actually you, Britney?

Britney Swallows: *Yawn* … haven’t heard that one before. You must be confusing me with Britney Spears. I don’t have my own publicist inventing fake answers. So yeah, it’s me you’re corresponding with.

xwifey said: Do you have any pics with you and Wifey (Sandra from Wifey’s World) that you can post on your site?

Britney Swallows: Already did that here. But there’s only two photos in existence. I should be selling the damn things signed on Ebay 😉

kuruption87 asked: What do u play Black Flag on? Let’s play together sexy.

I haven’t played AC Black Flag in months and I’m probably not going back because my Steam library just keeps growing and I can’t keep up with all the new stuff in my games library. Currently playing Far Cry 4 and Dying Light on PC. Luckily the Windows 10 upgrade worked! I also have a brand spanking new PS4 and a PS+ subscription. So I tried out the new Lara Croft and the Goblet of Penguins (or whatever part two is actually called. I think the first one was Lara Croft and the Golden Shower or something.)
Not much of a multiplayer though, I’m more about the couch-coop with grown ups than playing with 12-year-olds online. Which means I’m primarily interested in campaigns and story mission. Forgot to mention the Witcher 3 of course, which is just awesome. But with the kid and a day job I don’t really have that much of a time budget left for gaming. To make things worse I’ve become re-addicted to Survivor which after 30 seasons still manages to keep me up til three in the morning. “I’ve got nothing for you. Pick up your torches, head back to camp.” It’s the greatest show on earth. Right up there with Breaking Bad and the first season of True Detective 😉


MAILBAG! (continued) – Deep dark sexual fantasies

MAILBAG! (continued) Tumblr DMs are piling up. I’ll never be able to answer them all, but here’s a couple more responses.

topjames2 asked: What is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?

Britney Swallows: Alright then, let’s kick this off with me delving into the deep dark recesses of my filthy mind. I was going to delete this question at first because I couldn’t come up with anything interesting and when I did I wasn’t going to answer because it just sounds too fucked up and embarrassing. But ok, picture this:

I’m on my back naked in a contraption that could be described as a massive box-like gloryhole. Only the hole is as big as my waist and my body is half exposed to the outside from the navel down to my feet. My legs are spread by straps that fasten my knees to the box’s outside wall, as if I were grabbing my knees with my hands. The upper half – ribs, breasts and head – are inside the box. A short piece of rubber-hose is strapped to my mouth like a snorkel which leads to a funnel at the top of the contraption. The hose goes through a little hole in the lid of the box to be more precise. This Sexbox is then displayed at a very public place, like one of the men’s restrooms at a big football game. On the floor beneath my butt there’s a container which collects the semen dripping out of my butt and pussy. We shall call that receptacle the “Superbowl” to fit in with the theme of my sexual fantasy here. Now the guys have three holes to choose from. Either they go for anal or the pussy (or both) OR they go straight for the funnel and spunk a load in my mouth through the hose. From experience I know that it takes numerous cum-loads until the hose actually starts dripping jizz into my mouth, which is a bit of a bummer. Howerver, that’s where the “Superbowl” comes into play. At regular intervals – let’s say 20 guys have blown their loads and the semen is flowing freely from my vagina and asshole – someone picks up the receptacle and pours it into the funnel at the top at which point I have no choice but to swallow what comes down the pipe. Yay! Now I don’t mind the occasional guy spitting into the funnel but peeing into it will not be allowed. Let’s leave the actual toilet porn to the Japanese.

One thing I have not quite thought through yet is that my boobs are inaccessible in my version of the Sexbox. Maybe it should be more coffin-like (sorry, I know this sounds a bit more macabre that it’s supposed to) but this way we could figure out something to display my tits on the outside. Maybe two holes that fit snuggly around the base of my breast so they have to be pulled through with a bit of lube from the outside at the beginning but later on can’t just slip back inside. You know like in those bondage scenes where they tie off the base of the breasts with rope to make them look kinda spherical. I imagine that might be the toughest part to get the tits through such tight openings. Anyway, if that could be done, then the participants would have acces to all the interesting bits with the rest of the body hidden from view and completely anonymous. A nice touch for me would be either a little screen above my head showing a live stream of the guys fucking me and blowing loads or just a digital counter that shows the number of cum-loads collected in realtime. Oh and a little bit of airconditioning might be a good idea or else I might faint in that sweatbox within the first 20 minutes. So in conclusion I’d like to encourage you to elaborate on my Sexbox fantasy either by writing in or – in case you’re a little more gifted – by sending me actual drawings on how this thing could be designed and built. Hey, who knows, this might turn into my first Kickstarter campaign. And if they won’t do it we’ll just go through – Says it right there in the site’s name: Anything! – Submit your ideas to britney *at* chicktrainer *com


sissysteve11 said: How do I find someone to take me to suck cocks at glory holes?

Britney Swallows: Judging from your nickname and inexperience I’d guess you’re a bisexual crossdresser who’s trying to dip his toes in the cum-pool without actually exposing himself publicly. You’re probably not even into the “gay scene” and want to avoid those clubs and their darkrooms. You’re most likely just looking for other bi-guys. My question is, why do you need someone to take you to a Gloryhole? I mean of all places those are the most anonymous locations you could possibly find. You don’t necessarily need a bodyguard. Unless of course your fantasy involves a “pimp”-like dominant male who orders you to suck stranger’s dicks. If that’s not the case simply google all the available Gloryholes in your area (adult cinemas or bookstores will be safer than subway toilets obviously), stuff your wig, high heels, breast protheses, stockings, condoms (or not) into your Rucksack and go there as a regular straight guy. Once you’re safely locked in simply cover the hole(s) with your bag and change into your slut outfit. If you’ve got one mount a Gopro on a suction cup above your head and start sucking those dicks. Lean your head back a bit for the cumshots and when you get home you’ve got your own blowjob and cumshot footage of sissysteve swallowing loads from strangers at the local gloryhole. Sweet. – Sure men tend to knock at the door signalling that they want to come into your booth but you can ignore them. No one’s going to beat you up for that. Once you’re done, clean up (seriously, make sure you don’t have a huge wad of cum in your hair or stock to your forehead) change into your jeans and T-shirt and just leave the establishment. Easy as that. If you don’t like a particular dick coming through the hole (smelly? too small? too much girth?) simply sit back and watch a video. Or if it’s one of those double-hole booths, just turn around and service the guy waiting on the other side. Don’t stress out there’s no money exchanged therefore no one has any rights to demand anything from you. As for that pimp-chaperone, well, to find a guy like that you’re going to have to search the bi/crossdresser forums or head over to Craig’s List.

For all your sex-advice needs, bi or straight, head on over to my website at and send me a private message.