Tittyfucked and a hot pussy creampie

Tittyfucked and a hot pussy creampie from my “Maidguy” video

The cock sucking chambermaid is back (on her knees). This time round though she also gets her pussy pounded – and spunked on for good measure – before sucking the goo of the guy’s fingers. Plenty of ass and high-heels shots as well as a nice “spreading the cheeks” moment at 01:45 (FYI: Sorry about the elevator music, we’ve had some audio issues and needed something to cover up the gaps. I kinda like the song though)

Hide your semen! The Sperm Burglar is coming to Cumtrainer on Saturday

cumtrainer sperm mask burglar Hide your semen! The Sperm Burglar is coming to Cumtrainer on Saturday

First off, this is part of the upcoming 12+ loads Gokkun/Cumdrinking video and was originally called „Load 10“. I had to change the title after I‘d added the 80s synth score and the little (deliberate) VHS glitches. As a fan of eighties horror flicks I‘d unintentionally created something of a tongue-in-cheek John Carpenter hommage. Well, cock-in-mouth would be a more apt description. Anyway, I figured out the name of his signature font and made a fittingly cheesy title card that should remind a handful of you guys of the good ol‘ days of slasher movies. Sure, the clip might not be your cup of tea, but it‘s better than a 10 second shot of me simply jerking off a guy into a glass, that‘s for sure. The actual cumdrinking „feature“ video should go live mid-next week, a few days late due to server issues. Also I‘m not going to call this one a „Video Quickie“, aside from the crappy available lighting this was actually quite a bit of work. Absolutely adore the music. Such a cool mix between Carpenter and (the Italian band) “Goblin”, which you may be familiar with if you‘ve ever seen a Giallo.

Retro Porn Video: Ice cream with cum topping (1999)

I’m a sucker for exotic ice-cream toppings. I discovered one day that chocolate ice cream tastes particularly nice if you mix it with fresh semen. In this clip you can watch me scoop up and eat a monstrous load of gooey cum with one of those little plastic dessert spoons. Yummy!