Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 9)

17.) If you only got one more meal, what would it be?

One last shot of jizz. Down the hatch.

18.) What’s the weirdest fact that you know?

A surprising number of brand lubricants irritate my butt.

19.) Do you have any future ambitions?

By 2030 I‘m hoping to be able to upload my consciousness into a smoking-hot robotic Real Doll.

20.) Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you? 

More of a general shout-out to all the drive-by porn consumers: If you catch yourself looking at the 340th clip of „Brandi Sugartits“ on WankHub or wherever, admit to yourself that this particular someone has been a constant source of pleasure for you over the years and they‘re putting a lot of  blood, sweat and tears into making you happy(er). And you‘re paying them back by not paying them back. So if you have no money whatsoever at your disposal, why not promote that girl on twitter, tumblr, fumblr, cumlbr or any other platform you use that ends in umblr. If on the other hand you‘re an adult and have 5 bucks for a cup of coffee, why not hand over a tip on occasion, many models provide that option. Or simply fork over a month‘s subscription for heaven‘s sake, just this once for all the hours of fun you‘ve had. It‘s a matter of respect and appreciation. And don‘t worry too much about making her excessively rich. We‘re all just working stiffs like you. Nobody‘s buying Ferraris, think „rent“ and „hosting“ instead, that‘s the reality. I understand that you‘re not shedding any tears for the big studios, neither do I, so instead go and find that model‘s homepage or cam show, get personal, say thanks.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 8)

15.) What is one thing you would like to do with your new site?

I guess Cumtrainer is supposed to be a bit like True Detective, the TV show. Or Twin Peaks. An acquired taste. Either you get it and stick with it or you move on. If you find my personality grating, the site is not for you and I‘m not about to change. I try to innovate what we do in the videos and what they look like but it‘s always going to feel and sound like Britney‘s Cumtrainer. I‘m not about to sell out, there are other ways to generate additional income. This is about me having fun and knowing how many guys, girls and couples I‘ve influenced and encouraged with my 1-on-1 porn is motivation to keep going. The whole MILF angle came naturally and at just the right time. I doubt there are many sites like ours that actually document the whole progression of a porn-model going from innocent (legal aged) teen to a mom you‘d still like to fuck. We have plenty of new subscribers on the site but our audience has of course aged with us and it‘s quite entertaining to have a complete 15 year archive at your fingertips. That‘s the unique selling point and the main appeal of my little amateur porn project.

16.) Spaghetti or lasagna?

Spaghetti is much more phallic so I‘m going with noodles. It‘s like sucking on the longest dick in the world.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 7)

12.) What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

You have to ask? I guess everyone knows by now that drinking 40 loads of cum is pretty crazy. It may not be a world record, but at the time (2000/2001) only the Japanese Bukkake pornstars were doing that. Gokkun cumdrinking became a staple in my porn output after that. I vaguely remember keeping those 40 loads down very well and I had no intention of puking afterwards. Call it ambition or pride or naiveté but I recall being surprised when my stomach suddenly decided to get rid of all that semen. I wish I knew physiologically why it’s so hard to digest. Is it a hormonal reaction maybe? In the end the binge ended in purge and I’d learned a valuable lesson. There’s only so much mind over matter. I am 100% certain that any kind of cum-drinking you see on the web always ends in the model puking afterwards. I think it’s impossible to keep down. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. So I guess it’s the thought that counts, back then I was so sure I could handle it and absorb all that jizz into my system. Turns out I couldn’t but I’m proud to this day that I really tried. – PS: Over the years I got better at keeping down multiple loads, maybe my brain-chemistry adapted, and while I’m not certain which particular movies to point to I know that I kept down all twelve loads from the 2014 12 Loads Gokkun Cumdrinking. I’m not saying this because it sounds cool, it’s absolutely true. What can I say, I’m putting back the “trainer” into Cumtrainer again ;)

13.) Do women really have orgasms fantasizing about shopping?

Not this one. I hate shopping. I even buy shoes and lingerie online these days.

14.)  Chocolate or sex?

Chocolate. – Ok, no one wants to hear the truth. So if you‘re ever in a room with me while I‘m confronted with this Sophie‘s Choice of goodness, better bring a jar of Nutella and either spread it on your dick or squirt the chocolate it in my ass. This way everyone wins. Maybe you can even trick your wife into doing ass-to-mouth that way. Drop me a line if it works.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 6)

9.) If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A jaw that never cramps. They‘d call me Cock-Jaw and I‘d have a big C on my flesh-colored, low-cut cape. So while my superhero colleagues shoot freeze-rays at criminals I‘d stand by slack-jawed, not cramping up. May not sound like much of a power, but after-hours I‘d be in high demand, believe me.

10.) Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?

Oh, hell yes. My first teenage kiss was also my first french kiss. We were too shy to actually talk so we exchanged notes about tongue kissing on Tuesday, 2pm. Something like that. So we sat down (in the classroom after school) and stuck our tongues down each others throats for an hour. And I mean 60 minutes, without a break. The reason for that being that we were also too shy to stop.

11.) How do you unwind after a day of filming a new scene?

I take a shower and raid the fridge. BTW, If you like the pics then check out the full “Sausage Pizza” video here ;)


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 5)

7.) What was the first porn you ever watched?

I had to think long and hard about this one. Believe it or not, I think one of the first scenes I ever watched was some ancient ass-to-mouth (ATM) scene on VHS. I remember the girl having an overbite and that she was getting fucked in the ass in the piledriver position with the guy going back and forth between her mouth and butt. This is relatively surprising since at the time the term ass-to-mouth probably wasn‘t even coined. That became popular much later in porn history.

8.) Do you have a celebrity crush?  Will you tell us who it is?

Hmm. I had a brief fling with Luther (Idris Elba) a while back. He still doesn‘t know about it. I keep a vial of his semen in my freezer. Funny thing is I don‘t have a special fondness for black guys, at least that I’m aware of. Don‘t know where that came from. These days I‘m quite impressed by Tanning Chatum, or whatever his name is. But again, that may be misleading as I like my men to be relatively manly, masculine. I don‘t mind chest hair, stubble, a rough exterior. Sixpacks are nice to look at occasionally but that‘s not what you need to get into my bed.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 4)

5.) If you could perform a scene with one famous porn star, who would it be?

I don‘t think I‘d want to perform with anyone in particular but there are certain female pornstars I really admire. It‘s mostly women who can really take the rough stuff and still look like they‘re having the time of their lives. The sheer athleticism and skill are mind-boggling at times. 

6.) Do you have any idols or role models within this industry?

When I got into the heavy cumdrinking stuff many years ago I enjoyed watching Betty from GGG – German Goo Girls (btw. she‘s long since retired). She was an average looking porn model but had decent boobs and always appeared to be a ray of sunshine even when she was sucking off and swallowing cum from 80 guys in one shoot. So basically there are the pornstars who put the hard back in hardcore like Audrey Hollander, Princess Donna and a few others who can really handle the rough stuff, do ass-to-mouth, can take a bit of slapping around and then there are the models I like to just look at in galleries, like Denise Milani, to name one at random, who I prefer to see in stills. As for body type, I like the busty, curvy, feminine models. Love bikini shoots, love cleavage photos.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 3)

3.) Has anyone ever recognized you in an airport or out shopping?

I‘m sure someone has, but except for one unsettling stalker no one has approached me except for attendees at adult industry trade shows. I think the main reason is that in a crowd I look just as plain and average as anyone else. I wouldn‘t call myself a head-turner. I‘m never done up in public. Only exception is the beach, I get a lot of looks in a bikini still. And also, if wifey or the girlfriend tags along most guys won’t just walk up to a pornstar they happen to spot on the street.

4.) What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in person?

I watched a gif-collection of models stumbling in high-heels yesterday which had me in tears and struggling to breathe. Harold & Kumar always get a laugh out of me and more recently 21 Jump Street. The end credits for the sequel also had my in stitches and they’re worth the watch even if you want to skip the movie. 2121 Jump Street in space suits is probably one of the greatest visual gags I‘ve ever seen.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 2)

2.) Your new site talks about you going from Teen to MILF.  Can you tell us about the transformation and how things are now as compared to back then?

I look at models almost half my age and I marvel at the fact that they have stretch-marks on their boobs and butts and I still don‘t. Even after childbirth and breastfeeding. Sure, I’ve got love-handles now, I‘m no super-model, I don‘t have the right measurements or BMI, nor do I have the looks, but boy has my DNA been blessed in other areas. My boobs inflated to what felt twice their size during pregnancy and now they‘re back to normal and for some inexplicable reason they look just as good as before only they‘re a bit bigger, which most would agree is a blessing. My pussy works fine and looks like it has 15 years ago, so no damage there either. The only conscious decision I made at re-launch in 2014 was that I would not be hiding my MILF „blemishes“ instead I‘d work with what my aging body had to offer. Let‘s be honest, standing under a 1000W flood-light everyone has cellulite, even hubby. It‘s cruel no matter how old you are and how good you look. Of course you take out the gruesome shots while editing and you throw away the bad photos. But come on, everyone does it with their vacation pics, right? But I photoshop only galleries that are openly „glam“ photo-sets. There are always HD screencaps from the movies which are a slice of real life and I‘m simply not good enough to retouch myself in Final Cut. So there you go. – I was unpleasantly surprised about how hard it was getting back into the workflow of making movies. (Check out the article on that topic on the official Cumtrainer Blog.) While I try to make it look easy and natural it never is. Have you looked at „real“ amateur porn (that someone uploaded from their cellphone) recently? Well, then you know that 99% of it is unwatchable quality-wise. So I‘m sticking to my old recipe of pro-amateur content which gives viewers the best of both worlds. Only now with a generous dash of added MILF-Juice.


Cumtrainer Interview: 20 Questions (part 1) (1999-2000)

FreeOnes asked me for an interview this week and I’m gonna be publishing my responses under the title “20 Questions” as a multi-part Q&A. So let’s get started with the first one. The two related pics you see in this post are screenshots depicting the layout/design of the earliest two incarnations of my website from 1999-2001. was my first site (a.k.a. Britney’s Place) and my second.

1.) Why did you decide to start doing porn?

15 years in I have a hard time remembering what the initial spark or motivation was. Certainly not money, which is ironic because back then you could make a pretty good living in amateur porn. These days it seems it‘s mostly cam-shows which I don‘t do. I‘m still sticking with the „movie“ format, which I find much more interesting even though it might be considered old-school nowadays. Truth is, I have always been submissive sexually and I guess I‘ve always gotten a huge kick out of being paraded naked in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. Getting humiliated in the bedroom doing all kinds of unusual sex acts is one thing, but knowing that so many men and couples scrutinize your every move and see you in the best and worst shape of your life kinda fuels my exhibitionist tendencies. Doing what I do is a bit like a crowdsourced gangbang. The amount of semen spilt remotely over the years must be staggering when you think about it. Getting this kind of attention is nice for your ego but I hardly ever think about it. The biggest compliment is certainly that Cumtrainer can still find its audience even though I get older and haven‘t had any work done so far – no Botox, no Nip/Tuck. But at the end of the day it‘s about the public humiliation for me. That‘s my story and I‘m sticking with it. (2001-2005)