Aqua Milf (Bonus Pics gallery)

New pics gallery updated today: Aqua Milf (Bonus Pics)

This one’s a mix of holiday bikini and big tits pics that just won’t fit into a particular category but are too boobalicious to ignore. In and out of the water with a couple of bonus feet-shots thrown in for good measure. There’s another “Video Quickie” (Ocean Edition) on the way, but that’s probably going to be a few days down the road as those things – while awesome eyecandy – are usually a nightmare to edit. I’m working on it. A new VQ also means another great bikini gallery so there’s plenty of good stuff coming by the end of this week. Yay! :)


Spin the Bottle – Adult porn party games

New video today: “Spin the Bottle”

This is what happens when you try something completely improvised without any fancy equipment nor any kind of a plan. A video that’s 80% story/dialogue driven and 20% hardcore. It’s also the longest ever (in almost 16 years of shooting) at about 35 minutes run-time. Wow. And like I mentioned last week, it’s only one uninterrupted take. One single shot. No edits. If we’d planned it that way, no chance we could have pulled this off. The closest thing I could compare this video to is an episode of reality TV, if there were such as thing as reality porn on TV that is.

So prepare yourselves for half an hour of banter and hard drinking. I know this one will get mixed reactions, but rest assured I’ll be going back to “normal” – or should I say: well lit –  hardcore shoots in the next videos. On the other hand there is some nice titty-fucking, cock-sucking, public exposure and cleavage cumdrinking in the last 10 minutes or so. And let’s not forget the truly innovative Vodka “Dick Shot”.

I for one love this scene and it’s probably in my all-time Top 5. No kidding. This ain’t a quick watch so lock yourselves in for half an hour and join the party! It’s quite interesting to see how things slowly unfold. Watch “Spin the Bottle” here.


High heels, ass & thong… on a Boat!


Butt on a Boat! This is dedication to porn. I even SWIM in high heels! 😉 The shoot almost turned into “Open Water 2” when I couldn’t get back ON the boat. #obscuremoviereferences 

And what’s with those pesky clothing labels? (Which btw are especially annoying on thongs) Leave ‘em in, you see them. Snip ’em out they scratch. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. – Ass & thong GIFs from the “Diverdown” video