Vintage glam photos: Rusty Retro (1)


Good Lord, I was slim back then. These photos must be from around 2002, maybe 2003. As much as I’d like to get just that flat pre-MILF belly back I rather like how much my boobs have filled out over the years. And I wouldn’t want to lose those. So screw dieting, I’d rather be curvy Britney with a nice set of bouncy udders than the more sporty and younger version of myself. The pics are pretty great though despite the grain and focus issues. Remember how digicams were still steam-powered back then and went up to 2 Megapixel max. Funny right? But the red hair and the rusty metal contrasted with a deep blue sky really works. And oily boobs always make for decent eye-candy. Hope you enjoy this new vintage gallery. Feedback is always welcome :)

Shagpad and a pearl necklace


Handjob intro, now that’s a rarity! There’s also a pussy licking shot in this movie at around 1:10, it’s short so if you blink you’ll miss it. Then there’s that pretty amazing psychedelic slow-motion shagging scene about two minutes into the video. I had totally forgotten how effective those shots were. Just look at those mounds of boobflesh, wobbling and bouncing around. A bit blurry maybe due to the slow-mo (sorry) but still awesome.

There’s just so much to like about this video. Amazing.
BrassMunkie – Wednesday, 25-03-2015 at 08:11 pm

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there’s a little bit of everything in this one. It’s also very minimalist. No lingerie, no high hees, just me naked. Surprisingly rare now that I think about it.
Britney – Thursday, 26-03-2015 at 09:50 am

Redhead Britney topless at the beach


Vintage photo gallery. Retro-redhead Britney topless at the beach. My boobs were so tiny back then. Weird to look at my earliest shoots these days now that I’m a much more curvy MILF with DD tits. Wish I still had that flat tummy though. Sigh. – For more vintage Chicktrainer porn check out my private archives spanning 15 years of homemade porn from 1999-2015.

Ass-fucking creampie GIFs

Three squishy ass-fucking GIFs from my “Buttplugger” video. A tasty anal creampie is spicing up this yummy Ass-to-Mouth shoot. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Semen is still the best lubricant for butt-fucking. So shoot your wad into my asshole and keep pumping that dick for round two 😉 – Watch the video trailer here:

Hi Britney, I’m a 30 year old guy who really wants to try to drink a lot of semen

The reason I’m writing to you is because I found your work really interesting and great. To cut to the chase, I would like to ask you a question about swallowing if you don’t mind. You have swallowed a lot, participated in Gokkun and bukkake movies so probably you’re the one who can answer my questions about swallowing (and also because you seem quite friendly and nice by your blog). I’m a 30 year old guy who really wants to try to drink a lot of semen. I don’t have gay or bi friends so the only solution I’ve left with is to gather some from myself. I’ve gathered a decent amount (around 20 loads or so, frozen) and now I’m on the way to try to drink it. And my question is, is there anything I have to be worried about? What should I expect? And lastly, how close to a toilet should I be? These might be dumb questions but I’m a bit scared and has almost no experience. :) Thank you in advance for your response and have a wonderful day. — kinkybearczy


Hello Kinkybear, as a fellow cum-drinking enthusiast I understand that semen is quite a difficult substance to get your hands on in large quantities. In theory you could blow someone through a gloryhole or suck a stranger off in a public restroom. Trouble is, you’ll always end up with swallowing one or possibly multiple loads sequentially. Those of us who enjoythe occasional full-on gokkun/bukkake style cum DRINKING will realize very soon that a bowl or glass full of semen is almost impossible to arrange in real life. Even if you were to advertise your own gangbang there’d be logistical issues, health concerns, financial expenses and several other problems to take into account. On the upside, you’re a guy and you’ve got your own semen producing unit close at hand. The only things you need to invest are time and patience. Freezing, or at least refrigerating, is absolutely essential, otherwise you’d have to deal with a bad case of food poisoning. Good news is, that this is the only thing I need to warn you about assuming that you’re dealing with your own cum. No worries about sexually transmitted infections there. One less bullett to dodge. And since you’re eager to do it I wouldn’t worry about getting sick. People who find cum disgusting start gagging at the sight or smell of it but you’re not one of them. From personal experience I’d say that the smell of so much ejaculate might be the most difficult thing to overcome. But then again that might be a huge turn-on for you. Gotta figure that out on your own. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the harsh salty taste and gooey texture of the semen and I assume there’s some kind of self-humiliation aspect attached to your desire. So wether you want to sip or gulp (and which of the two is more challenging for you) is something you’ll need to find out. I doubt you’ll puke while you enjoy your DIY Gokkun experience, but I’d advise against going out in public right after. You just don’t know how your stomach is going to handle the mixture of protein and testosterone and prostate fluid. So stay at home and at least be prepared to throw up. In my case I don’t mind either way. I’m always super proud when I keep it down but I have thrown occasionally. Not out of disgust but simply because I couldn’t stomach the amount of ejaculate. As crazy as the idea might sound I’d say that a home-made gokkun is one of the safer sexual practices out there, IF you pay attention to hygiene and don’t accidentally thaw your collection of cumshots when adding a new squirt of jizz. Keep things fresh and frozen and you should be fine. Also make sure that you thaw your bowl of spunk very slowly. Take your time, maybe use a warm pot of water. I never used a microwave. Once you go too hot you’ve got an egg-white omelet and you’ll have to start all over again. Or eat the omelet. As for my personal taste, I’d much rather drink it.

Vintage Gallery: Ginger Snaps (2)


More retro-redhead hotness of me stripping on the beach back in 2003