Underboobs and a cum facial in the Red Room

Shooting this one (and then watching the video after editing) I was reminded of how much work goes into a good no-hands blowjob. It’s exhausting, seriously, much more so than just lying back and getting screwed. My knees and jaw were hurting, my thigh muscles trembled for an hour afterwards and I even managed to bruise the back of my throat a little. In other words: Another job well done 😉

Watch the video “Red Room” (2010)

Bubble Butt Blowjob

Big-ass butt shots in high heels from my Red Room video. Full gallery here

Chicktrainer meets Wifey’s World in Las Vegas

I was giddy all day yesterday because my greatest inspiration (and amateur porn “colleague”, if you will) featured me on her brand spanking new and redesigned website. Wifey’s rise to fame started in 1998 – a year before I started dabbling in homemade porn – and she is now, so many years later, a true icon of the genre. Maybe even hotter today than when she started out, which is no mean feat, and a household name to millions. Deservedly so. No one does it better, no one had the staying power that Hubby and Wifey had. It’s just impressive and, trust me, I would know. Wifey wrote a very sweet and somewhat nostalgic blog post that I’d like to share with you. I’m also attaching the Vegas pic mentioned in the post.

Full article here: http://new.cumtrainer.com/post/20338/britney-at-wifeys-world

Sucking dick in my bedroom

As promised… :) – “Bedroom Eyes” The Blowjob pics (full gallery here)

Sexy underwear and silver high heels

The further back in time I go in the archives (in my search for interesting stuff for my photo gallery remasters) the more “Landing Strip” appears on my pussy. Thankfully it’s never full-on 70s bush, but there’s a bit more hair downstairs than you might be used to from me. Also interesting about this particular shoot is one of the very few in 15 years where I wasn’t smiling at all. I honestly can’t remember if that was a conscious decision at the time, but I noticed it right away and thought I’d point it out in case you couldn’t figure out why this collection felt a bit different. I think I kinda like it, especially those totally straight-faced cocksucking pics in my next post. – “Bedroom Eyes” (photos)

Nature’s free breast augmentation

“Wow …. you’re amazing! I’ve seen your stuff since you started. I have to say you’re sexier now than back 15 years ago!”

That counts as a pretty awesome compliment. 😉 One and a half decades of non-stop gravity takes its toll. Especially on women. I’m glad I still look the way I do and I’m especially grateful for nature’s free breast augmentation. Amazing how much my tits have grown over the years. I’m either a freak of nature or an X-Men with a very weird superpower.


16th anniversary as an amateur pornstar

Just realized that the last self-promotional plug I posted looked a bit like an obituary with the dates and all. But rest assured, I’m not dead yet. Neither is my website. Still going strong after 15 years and later this year I shall be celebrating my 16th anniversary as an amateur pornstar. – Kinda proud of myself. It’s not fighting world-hunger, I know, but one and a half decades ago I thought, what the hell, give it a shot. And here I am half a lifetime later, still guzzling cum and taking it up the ass on camera. *pats self on back*